Protect Your Most Important Customers

Poor air quality puts your most important clients, the animals, at risk during their stay at your facility. Our air cleaning system protects against Kennel Cough, canine influenza, distemper, coronavirus, bordetella, feline calicavirus & other pathogens



Air-Vac M–11uv Air Cleaner

NASA developed air purification technology the most powerful on the market

60 day money back guarantee
5 Year warranty on all parts*

The M-11UV is our air filtration unit of choice for animal care facilities.

The system operates safely effectively killing biological contaminants like, mold, bacteria and viruses- airborne and on surfaces like countertops. Will also neutralize heavy odors, toxic gases, carcinogens, chemical pollutants and volatile organic compounds. (VOC’S).

Prevent & Destroy

• Bacteria & Viruses
• Fungal Infections
• Heavy Odors
• Dander

• Dirt
• Dust • Allergens
• V.O.C.’s
• Mold

*Some exceptions apply

How it works

Air-Vac’s “Push-Pull” method utilizes a powerful fan “pushing” and circulating a redundant mixture of ions sanitizing the ambient air and surfaces halting the spread of dangerous pathogens. As the unit distributes the natural cleaning agents the M-11uv is consistently vacuuming or “pulling”  heavy dander, dust, dirt out of the breathable air trapping them in many layers of filtration.

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